Doggy Life-Vest (Shark Attack)

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Want to help protect your dog while hiking, beaching or hanging out at the pool?  

Help your dog swim longer & look more adorable with our Shark-Attack Doggy Life Vest!

✅ Unique Shark-Fin Design! If your puppy is going to be in a life vest, he/she may as well be a great white shark!

✅ Double-layered foam and front float support for extra buoyancy to make sure your dog stays afloat!

✅ Adjustable heavy-duty velcro closure and nylon straps to ensure the perfect fit!

✅ D-Ring to easily attach your dog's leash;

✅ Easy to put on and off with quick-release buckles;

✅ Available in 6 Sizes to fit any water loving pup!


Life Vest Benefits / Features & Details:

✔️ Quick drying

✔️ Reflective Stripes (good visibility even at night for more safety)

✔️ Attaches with velcro strap and adjustable straps. The safety of your pet is important to us, this jacket is adjustable and safe.


Size: Back Length  * Chest  *  Neck 

XS:       20    *   36-42 *  32-35CM

S:        27    *   44-54  *  34-38CM

M:       33    *   54-64  *  43-50CM

L:        40    *    62-74  *  48-55CM

XL:      45     *   72-81  *  54-60CM

XXL:      50     *    82-92  *  62-70CM


Warning:: Life jackets increase buoyancy when dogs swim, making dogs safer, but some dogs cannot swim at all, and they will panic when they enter the water. There is a small probability that this event can occur, so when some dogs swim for the first time, it is best to let them adapt for a period of time under supervision. In this way, accidents can be avoided. GearGrabber is not responsible for accidents. Even if they have a life jacket, animals must be supervised. 

Shipping: Please allow 2-4 Weeks For Processing & Shipping.