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Bathroom LED Shower Head Temperature Sensor

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Led Colors Lights Changing Shower Head No Battery Automatic Ionic Filter Stone Rainfall Bathroom Shower Head




1. The difference of 3 colors shower head and 7 colors shower head:3 colors LED showerheads:


--Temperature control; --


Changes colors according to the water temperature,

Green color(temperature <30℃/85℉),

Blue color(31℃-39℃/85℉-105℉),

Red color(40℃-50℃/105℉-120℉).

When the water reaches these temperature ranges, only one color led light comes on.

7 colors LED shower heads:--NO temperature control.

Automatically flashes 7 colors continuously in any water temperature. Both no battery, very safe, using water flow to generate electricity.


2. Negative ionic stones make up filter system to purify the shower water, effectively eliminate harmful chlorine and its vapors, reduce residual impurities in water. Improve your dry hair and skin, reduce oil secretion, increase cell viability, make your skin more smooth and reduces hair loss.


3. Easy to Install: it is general size, fits any standard size hose.


4.No leaks and Solid Build. Also easy to disassemble and clean. High Pressure and 30% Water Saving.


5. Mode: one mode Rainfall3 COLORS LED SHOWER HEAD: changes colors according to the water temperature7 COLORS LED SHOWER HEAD: continuously changes 7 colors automatically. No battery, It depends on water flow to generate electricity.3/7 colors led shower head with Stop Button


How to install the shower head?


1. Please check whether there is a cap in the bottom of the shower head.

2. Please take off the cap before you install the shower head.

3. Please check the NO.3 picture. The long metal end of the shower hose is connected to the shower head, so that it can be firmly placed on your shower support, and the short metal end of the shower hose is connected to your faucet.


Colorful self-change color: the color changes during the shower! Colorful lights cycle color change

Note: Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.